Who We Arescales-of-justicepigeon2

The Aafia Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-political, organization dedicated to advancing human rights through education and advocacy. Our emphasis will be on empowering individuals to become agents for the defense of justice and positive, transformative social change. Specifically, we seek to accomplish the following:

  • To educate the public on the rights accorded by the U.S. Constitution and by established international human rights law;
  • To advocate for human and civil rights and to assist families and communities affected by the criminal justice system;
  • To advocate for the release of wrongfully incarcerated people;
  • To build public awareness of racism and religious bigotry in policing, the courts and prison system and to advance racial and religious liberty;
  • To provide spiritual counsel and assistance to prisoners seeking to heal and/or rehabilitate themselves guided by religious convictions and principles.

What We Do

We will target our message to individual citizens, civic organizations, religious institutions, government leaders, and relevant non-governmental organizations. The instruments of our methodology will include the following:

  • Educational forums organized in the various sectors of society;
  • Nonpartisan studies, research and analysis;
  • Social media outreach;
  • Publishing educational materials on issues of public policy;
  • Broadcasting by Internet, radio and television;
  • “First Amendment” activities such as protests in public forums.

Our Goal

At the core of our multifaceted education and advocacy programs will be the message that true peace, for the individual and society, can only come through justice. We envision a world in which the universally recognized human rights accorded to every human being at the time of birth by our Creator, are both the law and common practice of every land, God willing.


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