As I compose these words, thousands of violent, flag waving “conservative” demonstrators continue to wreak havoc on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Who would have ever thought that in 21st Century America, a sitting (soon-to-be outgoing) president would incite his followers to engage in mob violence simply because he lost a re-election campaign?

There are two salient quotes that come to mind for this commentator. The first comes from J. William Fulbright; the late former chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee: 

“There are two Americas. One is the America of Lincoln and Adlai Stevenson; the other is the America of Teddy Roosevelt and the modern superpatriots. One is generous and humane, the other narrowly egotistical; one is self-critical, the other self-righteous; one is sensible, the other romantic; one is good-humored, the other solemn; one is inquiring, the other pontificating; one is moderate, the other filled with passionate intensity; one is judicious and the other arrogant in the use of great power.”

The second quote comes from our “Shining Black Prince” – as described by the late world-renowned socially committed artist, Ossie Davis – El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (aka, Malcolm X):


El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan

To be continued, iA.

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