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Aafia is a name rich in meaning. When a well respected scholar of The Qur’an, Imam Mohamad al-Asi, was asked to share his understanding of the meaning of Aafia, he stated the following:

Simply put, the pedestrian meaning of ‘Aafia is (physical) health. The more comprehensive meaning of it is not only physical health but the health that is inclusive of a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual being. Some linguists would extend that to mean that “‘Aafia(h)” is the physical health that extends from spiritual health.

We believe this to be a most fitting name for an organization that will have a restorative justice mandate. Central goals of The Aafia Foundation, Inc., will be to provide another much needed voice for the voiceless within the American and international public square; to strive to the best of our ability to come to the aid of the oppressed; and to help the United States of America live up to the better part of itself – as a nation theoretically founded on the still unfulfilled principle of “liberty and justice for all.”

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2 thoughts on “About Us”

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  2. Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem As salaam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu Allahummah Salli ala Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wa salaam, My Name Is Abdul Majid Hakeem Would love to lend support in you program Insha ALLAH,


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